Cloud Infrastructure


Cloud infrastructure options

We offer clients a choice of infrastructure options to best suit their business requirements and budgets.
State-of-the-art Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure
Single instance VMs in NZ or UK
Single-client bespoke Azure infrastructure
Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure

Our primary infrastructure for e-commerce applications is utilising cloud services from Microsoft Azure. This hosting platform is designed to meet stricter compliance requirements.

Our Azure infrastructure is carefully designed to balance both High Availability and Disaster Recovery priorities. We utilise Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and Azure Traffic Manager (ATM) together with an automatically triggered failover process to ensure rapid non-intervention Disaster Recovery to secondary availability zones.

Data security is ensured through in-transit encryption of all data through SSL/TLS encryption and at-rest encryption of all data through Azure Storage encryption.

Furthermore, we utilise Geo-Redundant Storage (GRS) within the Azure framework for full-disk backup which means backups are stored in a different region from the region where the primary/production availability zones are located.

Our DR policies include a RPO of less than 5 minutes, a RTO of less than 30 minutes and uptime of more than 99.9%.

Our Azure servers are in the Eastern Australia availability region. And with the Microsoft Global Network connecting the Azure data centres with the New Zealand edge node this offering is also very suitable for our New Zealand based clients.

Hosting on our Azure infrastructure is highly recommended for business-critical applications, including all e-commerce applications.

Single-client bespoke Azure infrastructure design
We can provide custom Azure infrastructure designs for individual clients or applications on any Azure region around the world with bespoke settings for both availability and DR. Custom Azure designs are delivered and maintained by our Azure services provider. Please contact us to discuss your options.
Single instance VMs in NZ or UK
For applications with lower requirements for availability, data security and load times, non-mission critical applications, image and data storage, FTP server etc. we offer cost-effective single instance (non-Azure) VMs located in either New Zealand or UK.