Food and Bev Industry


eCommerce Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry 

Transform and grow your manufacturing or wholesale business with a web order management system. 


ComCloud have extensive experience in creating professional, customisable and affordable B2B Online Ordering systems which allow your contract customers to order and reorder their preferred products with custom pricing and shipping, quickly and easily. Your online ordering system is built specifically for your manufacturing or wholesaling business and helps to automate your manual order-taking processes.

Our solutions are custom-built for the food and beverage industry and can provide options to display variations in a single food/beverage product:

Various sizes of single items or packaged items.
Weight quantities and colour variations.
Allergy restrictions and alerts. Many other variations as required. 

Customer Self-Service

Our online ordering platforms allow your customers to self-serve at a time that is convenient for them. With a ComCloud system they can log in and order at their agreed pricing, view their ordering history, download their invoices, and re-order from previous orders. 

Fees and charges

ComCloud does not charge a fee per transaction. We offer a fixed fee per month with unlimited transactions across the site. This means more transparency and certainty around fees and budgeting. Learn more about our costs here.

Integration with your internal systems

Our web order management systems can integrate with most ERP, CRM and Finance systems to automate the flow of data from one system to another. No more manually inputting order details in to an ERP or Finance system. With a ComCloud system, you can automate the ordering process from online to warehouse.


Connected Warehouse

Connect your warehouse to your online ordering system for full integrated tracking. The warehouse portal uses mobile scanning of QR codes to register consignment numbers, serial numbers and shipping tracking numbers to orders as they are being packed and shipped by your warehouse staff.

Connect your warehouse to your online order management system for:

  • Assigning information to individual orders (consignment, serial & tracking numbers)
  • Real-time shipping data for your customers
  • Mobile phone and QR codes for scanning, no other hardware required.

Take orders from anywhere with a Staff Ordering Portal 


On the road

If you have Sales Reps visiting customers, a Staff Ordering Portal will allow your staff to place orders on behalf of customers out on the road, from a tablet or phone. Immediately placing orders on the customer's behalf means reduced administration for the Sales rep when they return, and less chance of an order being forgotten or going missing. Orders can then be processed faster resulting in a great customer experience.

Working from home

The Staff Ordering Portal can equally be used in-house as a secure replacement for legacy order registration systems. This provides instant and secure access for your staff even when working from home. All our systems come with data encryption and SSL certification so you can have peace of mind that your customer data is secure. Set up your team for success with a work-from-anywhere system.